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… the history of the Regiment is a story of the people who have played their part in the continuous evolvement of a Unit of which the University from which it springs, can be justifiably proud, as can those who serve or who have served in it. ………. It has been and will remain a splendid training ground for those individual soldiers in it who seek to develop their potential to the full and simultaneously demonstrate their earnest in serving their country.
(Lieutenant General Sir Mervyn Brogan, KBE, CB, Honorary Colonel of UNSWR, November 1977)

UNSWR operates from Army premises at Kensington, Newcastle and Armidale and continues to provide individual training for young men and women who aspire to become officers in the Army Reserve. Also, the Regiment provides specialist training as directed for members of other Army Reserve Units. In addition to its training role, UNSWR also has a Regimental Band which operates from Victoria Barracks, Paddington.

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Notable events in the history of the Regiment:


The Regiment is formed in February as a Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers unit in the 2nd Division. The unit is located on University property in Harris Street, Ultimo and is named the New South Wales University of Technology Regiment (UTR).


UTR relocates in July to the old racecourse totalisator building in High Street, Kensington.

The corps for UTR changes in December to the Royal Australian Infantry Corps.


A sub-unit of UTR is formed in November at the Newcastle University College, Tighes Hill, Newcastle and is named D Company.


UTR is re-named during the year as The University of New South Wales Regiment (UNSWR) to conform to a name change for the University.

A newly constructed depot for UNSWR on the West Campus of the University at Kensington is formally opened in December.


UNSWR comes under command of the 14th Infantry Brigade during the year and D Company relocates to King Street, Newcastle.


The UNSWR Band is formed in July at the Regiment’s Kensington depot.


UNSWR is presented in October with Sovereign’s and Regimental Colours by the Governor of New South Wales on the University oval, Kensington. Also, the Regiment comes under the command of Headquarters Communications Zone during the year.


UNSWR becomes affiliated in September with The Middlesex Regiment of the British Army, which with later amalgamations, passes to The Queen’s Regiment in 1966 then The Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment in 1992.


D Company is re-named during the year as the University of Newcastle (UN) Company.


The Wollongong Detachment of UNSWR is formed during the year in Harbour Street, Wollongong. The detachment later relocates to Gipps Street, Wollongong.


The Wollongong Detachment is re-formed during November in Harbour Street, Wollongong after three years in mothballs.


UNSWR comes under command of Headquarters 2nd Training Group during the year as a unit of Training Command following the 1974 Millar Committee of Enquiry Report into the Citizen Military Forces.


The Wollongong Detachment relocates in September to Hill 60, Port Kembla.


UNSWR becomes affiliated during the year with the 2nd Battalion (Canterbury and Nelson, Marlborough and West Coast) Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment which, with amalgamations in 1999, passes to the 2 Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and West Coast Battalion Group.

The Wollongong Detachment is re-named during the year as the University of Wollongong (UW) Company.


The Council of the City of Randwick confers Freedom of the City upon UNSWR to mark the Regiment’s upcoming 40th Birthday. The Regiment first exercises Freedom of the City in March the following year.



UNSWR is reorganised during the year to reflect its role as predominantly a pre-commissioning training unit for the Army Reserve so no has sub-units organised as infantry.


UN Company relocates to Adamstown in February.


UW Company relocates once again to Gipps Street, Wollongong.


UNSWR comes under command of Headquarters Royal Military College of Australia in July with pre-commissioning training concluding with graduations from the College instead of the Regiment.


UNSWR is presented with new Sovereign’s and Regimental Colours by the Governor-General at Victoria Barracks, Paddington in August.


UNSWR exercises Freedom of the City of Randwick in February with its new Colours marched through the city.


The old Colours of UNSWR are laid up at the Greek Orthodox Church of St Spyridon, Kingsford in March.

New England Company (Armidale) of The Sydney University Regiment becomes a sub-unit of UNSWR late in the year.


UNSWR comes under command of Headquarters 8th Brigade in July as a unit of the 2nd Division with continuing responsibility for pre-commissioning training but also with new responsibly for individual soldier training as directed. At the same time, UW Company becomes a sub-unit of The Sydney University Regiment.


The UNSWR Band relocates during the year to Moore Park Road, Paddington.

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